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Nothing special cupcakes…

Other than it being Friday.

Last night I baked some usual Hershey cupcakes, I love the recipe, even if scooping the very loose batter into cupcake liners is a little tricky.

I intended to fill them, but given it was 9 at night, that went out the window.  So I turned some leftover icing into two flavors:

Dark chocolate mocha and caramel cinnamon.

The dark chocolate was a bit of a “cheat”, as I used Presidents Choice Old fashioned dark chocolate spread, but I also used espresso powder.  I added additional Hershey cocoa, however the color did not end up as dark as I would have liked, and I steer away from using what I consider unnecessary food colors.

Caramel cinnamon was made with dulce de leche, again from a jar (the one Costco carries/d) and cinnamon.  I also threw in some vanilla bean paste and vanilla bean powder, which gives little black dots in the caramel colored icing.

Vanilla can get away with anything it wants in my kitchen.