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Bubba Gump Shrimp Co – Review on the move

It’s been quite a while and I give you this. I apologize, but I was inspired.

Let me start off by saying this….we were at the Cancun airport, Anthony Bourdain/Alton Brown/Bobby Flay were no where in sight. We had almost 3 hours until our flight and we had not eaten in almost 6 hours. Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville or Bubba Gump?

Prices were crazy. Not the cute crazy either, the mean crazy running down the street screaming at full capacity.

He got 12 fried shrimp (6 were substituted for coconut shrimp), 6 battered shrimp and 6 hush pups. Not a hush puppie, but a hybrid that was made with shrimp and fish. Generally it was a seafood fritter, so let’s call it that. With fries and coleslaw* (see below) $30US. Really? I could go to a nice restaurant in Ottawa and have real seafood (Whalesbone Oyster comes to mind).

I ordered a cheeseburger…hey no judging I was on my last day of vacation! Price was okay, but still too high. Menu indicated that meat would be cooked to the appropriate doneness, anything else poses a risk. SO when I ordered the waiter asks how I want my HAMBURGER done. I said well done. He hesitates and says he will have to ask the kitchen. I point out that I don’t have a choice, I’m pregnant (not fat!). My hubby chimes in we have time. 20 minutes, but again he will have to ask the kitchen.

Sorry, not playing Russian roulette on my last day of vacation with undercooked meat.

Regardless, the meals were good. Fries were awesome. some skin on, and the coleslaw was dressed nicely with crisp veggies. The platters even came on quirky “newspaper” pieces of excerpts of Forrest Gumps life an the time during which the movie took place.  Neat license plates…run Forrest run, when you are ok, and Stop Forrest Stop when you need attention.

Regardless of being a “fast food” type family restaurant in the Cancun airport that wanted to serve me partially cooked hamburger, it wasn’t so bad. Kudos to coleslaw and fries!

Although the bill did come to around $50US.