Media Blitz for Capital Cupcake Camp!

Phew!  Just looking at the list of media spots this week for CCC makes me dizzy! Mainly as I am supplying most of the “media cupcakes”.

Jen (foodiePrints) and I just did a 5 minute promo on LIVE 88.5.  They may be rebroadcasting it tomorrow morning, so if you missed it, you can catch it then.

Tomorrow I will be doing an interview with CHUO on the U of O campus between 5 and 6.

Thursday morning Jenn C, and Whalesbone’s jr pastry chef Lynne Frappier  will be on the A-channel’s morning show.

Friday Jenn C and Lynne Frappier will be on Roger’s Daytime, and Jen (foodiePrints) along with , Lynne Frappier (thetwistedchef) will be on 99.7 during a staff bake-off!

We are ramping up to what is going to be a great day!  Tickets are selling as fast as we can release them **hint hint** Any bakers wanting to register…just DO IT!  The more bakers, the more taster tickets we can release!

Coffee(sponsored by 10,000Villages) and milk (sponsored by Cochranes Dairy and The Flour Shoppe) are available for a small donation, as well as cupcake boxes will be for sale for $2.

The event organizers (trust me you will know who we are at the event) will be on-site to make sure everything runs smoothly and to make sure our judges do not run out of cupcakes to judge.

Speaking of judges:

Chef Michael Blackie (NAC, formerly Perspectives)

Pastry Chef Lynne Frappier of Whalesbone Oyster House

Alan Neal of CBC’s All in a Day

Kady O’ Malley (CBC News)

China Doll (Shanghai Restaurant) will not only  judging but serving as our host.

Sign up soon and see you on Sunday!



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