Gluten free Banana bread and Premium (Plus) saltine Crackere

Bananas!  Banana bread that is…..

Recipes 2 and 3 from the EGFB by EB….worked better than I expected.

Above is the end result of Banana bread…the middle sank a little, but it was baked all through.  I find rice flours tend to lend themselves to a very moist baked good, so keep that in mind if you are altering non gf recipes to gf…lower the baking temp and bake a little longer.  If it starts to get really dark on top, cover with tin foil.

The crackers too were good, although I would change two things, the amount of salt and the thickness.

After they were rolled out and forked.

Finished product

I don’t add salt to my food typically.  Something you should know about me, I am a pepper girl.  I add it when the recipe calls for it, but it’s usually sea salt (which is lower in sodium, but has no iodine).  So the recipe calls for salt AND to put kosher salt on top.

Another note about me, despite the fact I don’t use alot of salt, I have alot of different kinds of salt in the house.  My fav is Maldon salt, but also have Celtic… about another day I do a post about salt?

So the cracker recipe came together really well, and it was the first time I made crackers.  I would roll thinner, as they were thick for my liking.  Depsite the thickness, husband o mine kept snatching them as they cooled.  A good sign!  Nephew and fam all enjoyed them as well, and I guess “melt” into soup better than rice crackers do.  YES!


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  1. Keri Said:

    mmm, they were both really good. Connor loved them and they both turned out perfect! Hope your gf cake turned out well. Take pics and let me know how they liked it. Have a great night 🙂

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