Bubba Gump Shrimp Co – Review on the move

It’s been quite a while and I give you this. I apologize, but I was inspired.

Let me start off by saying this….we were at the Cancun airport, Anthony Bourdain/Alton Brown/Bobby Flay were no where in sight. We had almost 3 hours until our flight and we had not eaten in almost 6 hours. Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville or Bubba Gump?

Prices were crazy. Not the cute crazy either, the mean crazy running down the street screaming at full capacity.

He got 12 fried shrimp (6 were substituted for coconut shrimp), 6 battered shrimp and 6 hush pups. Not a hush puppie, but a hybrid that was made with shrimp and fish. Generally it was a seafood fritter, so let’s call it that. With fries and coleslaw* (see below) $30US. Really? I could go to a nice restaurant in Ottawa and have real seafood (Whalesbone Oyster comes to mind).

I ordered a cheeseburger…hey no judging I was on my last day of vacation! Price was okay, but still too high. Menu indicated that meat would be cooked to the appropriate doneness, anything else poses a risk. SO when I ordered the waiter asks how I want my HAMBURGER done. I said well done. He hesitates and says he will have to ask the kitchen. I point out that I don’t have a choice, I’m pregnant (not fat!). My hubby chimes in we have time. 20 minutes, but again he will have to ask the kitchen.

Sorry, not playing Russian roulette on my last day of vacation with undercooked meat.

Regardless, the meals were good. Fries were awesome. some skin on, and the coleslaw was dressed nicely with crisp veggies. The platters even came on quirky “newspaper” pieces of excerpts of Forrest Gumps life an the time during which the movie took place.  Neat license plates…run Forrest run, when you are ok, and Stop Forrest Stop when you need attention.

Regardless of being a “fast food” type family restaurant in the Cancun airport that wanted to serve me partially cooked hamburger, it wasn’t so bad. Kudos to coleslaw and fries!

Although the bill did come to around $50US.


Media Blitz for Capital Cupcake Camp!

Phew!  Just looking at the list of media spots this week for CCC makes me dizzy! Mainly as I am supplying most of the “media cupcakes”.

Jen (foodiePrints) and I just did a 5 minute promo on LIVE 88.5.  They may be rebroadcasting it tomorrow morning, so if you missed it, you can catch it then.

Tomorrow I will be doing an interview with CHUO on the U of O campus between 5 and 6.

Thursday morning Jenn C, and Whalesbone’s jr pastry chef Lynne Frappier  will be on the A-channel’s morning show.

Friday Jenn C and Lynne Frappier will be on Roger’s Daytime, and Jen (foodiePrints) along with , Lynne Frappier (thetwistedchef) will be on 99.7 during a staff bake-off!

We are ramping up to what is going to be a great day!  Tickets are selling as fast as we can release them **hint hint** Any bakers wanting to register…just DO IT!  The more bakers, the more taster tickets we can release!

Coffee(sponsored by 10,000Villages) and milk (sponsored by Cochranes Dairy and The Flour Shoppe) are available for a small donation, as well as cupcake boxes will be for sale for $2.

The event organizers (trust me you will know who we are at the event) will be on-site to make sure everything runs smoothly and to make sure our judges do not run out of cupcakes to judge.

Speaking of judges:

Chef Michael Blackie (NAC, formerly Perspectives)

Pastry Chef Lynne Frappier of Whalesbone Oyster House

Alan Neal of CBC’s All in a Day

Kady O’ Malley (CBC News)

China Doll (Shanghai Restaurant) will not only  judging but serving as our host.

Sign up soon and see you on Sunday!


Gluten free Banana bread and Premium (Plus) saltine Crackere

Bananas!  Banana bread that is…..

Recipes 2 and 3 from the EGFB by EB….worked better than I expected.

Above is the end result of Banana bread…the middle sank a little, but it was baked all through.  I find rice flours tend to lend themselves to a very moist baked good, so keep that in mind if you are altering non gf recipes to gf…lower the baking temp and bake a little longer.  If it starts to get really dark on top, cover with tin foil.

The crackers too were good, although I would change two things, the amount of salt and the thickness.

After they were rolled out and forked.

Finished product

I don’t add salt to my food typically.  Something you should know about me, I am a pepper girl.  I add it when the recipe calls for it, but it’s usually sea salt (which is lower in sodium, but has no iodine).  So the recipe calls for salt AND to put kosher salt on top.

Another note about me, despite the fact I don’t use alot of salt, I have alot of different kinds of salt in the house.  My fav is Maldon salt, but also have Celtic…anyway..how about another day I do a post about salt?

So the cracker recipe came together really well, and it was the first time I made crackers.  I would roll thinner, as they were thick for my liking.  Depsite the thickness, husband o mine kept snatching them as they cooled.  A good sign!  Nephew and fam all enjoyed them as well, and I guess “melt” into soup better than rice crackers do.  YES!

Nothing special cupcakes…

Other than it being Friday.

Last night I baked some usual Hershey cupcakes, I love the recipe, even if scooping the very loose batter into cupcake liners is a little tricky.

I intended to fill them, but given it was 9 at night, that went out the window.  So I turned some leftover icing into two flavors:

Dark chocolate mocha and caramel cinnamon.

The dark chocolate was a bit of a “cheat”, as I used Presidents Choice Old fashioned dark chocolate spread, but I also used espresso powder.  I added additional Hershey cocoa, however the color did not end up as dark as I would have liked, and I steer away from using what I consider unnecessary food colors.

Caramel cinnamon was made with dulce de leche, again from a jar (the one Costco carries/d) and cinnamon.  I also threw in some vanilla bean paste and vanilla bean powder, which gives little black dots in the caramel colored icing.

Vanilla can get away with anything it wants in my kitchen.

Once again folks…Capital Cupcake Camp!

Content courtesy of foodieprints; graphics courtesy of Ian Capstick (Mediastyle)

What is it about cupcakes that make them so loved? Children tear into them gleefully, giggling incoherently thereafter. Adults are no better, many visibly embarrassed by how much they enjoy their cupcakes.

Whatever it is, cupcakes made 2009’s inaugural Capital CupcakeCamp a successful fundraising event. It saw more than 600 cupcake enthusiasts attending, almost 3400 cupcakes donated, and over $2000 raised for Ottawa-based non-profit organization Woman Alive/Femme Active Program. As organizer Ian Capstick of Mediastyle described it, Capital CupcakeCamp was a “massive sugar rush” (Flickr pool).

The massive sugar rush returns Sunday, September 26, 2010. This time, with a larger venue, more cupcakes, and more people.

For those of you who did not attend last year’s Capital CupcakeCamp, it is an opportunity for the community to come together and share their enthusiasm for cupcakes.

It is modeled after other “unconferences” like DemoCamp, ChangeCamp, and TeamCamp. Originating in San Francisco, CupcakeCamps have been held in Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, New York City, Edmonton, Sydney, Ireland, UK, India, and New Zealand.

This year, proceeds will be shared between Woman Alive/Femme Active Program and the Youth Services Bureau.

Event-wise, bakers bring 24 cupcakes of any one flavour to Ottawa City Hall (110 Laurier Avenue W.) at 11:30 am. There, they will be put on display for tasters who will arrive at 1:00 pm. Tasters will roam around the City Atrium and trade in tickets for cupcakes. Bakers will have the opportunity to address the crowd. Competitive bakers can enter cupcakes in a contest that will be judged by celebrity Ottawa judges.

For the contest, there is a PRO Category. If you make money from your food creations (cupcakes or otherwise), organizers ask you register as a PRO. PRO winners have the right to use the “2010 Winner” logo.

Contest Categories:

  • Most Amazingly Decorated
  • Best Filling in a Cupcake
  • Best Vegan
  • Tastiest Twist on a Traditional
  • Best Savoury Cupcake

PRO Contest Categories


  • Best Overall
  • Best Decorated
  • Most Original

This year’s judges:

The event will be hosted by China Doll of Shanghai Restaurant (651 Somerset Street W.).

Registration has already opened for bakers and tasters, via eventbrite.

Amateur baker tickets are $5/each and come with 4 complementary tasting tickets. PRO baker tickets are $20/each and also come with 4 complementary tasting tickets. Tasting tickets are $10.

Tasters will exchange their eventbrite ticket for 4 cupcake tickets, which entitles them to a minimum of 4 cupcakes. That is, with one caveat. Should you prefer not to gorge yourself with cupcakes in one sitting, bring a box or Tupperware that fits 4 cupcakes for takeaway.

Milk and coffee will be served. Milk was graciously donated by Cochrane’s Dairy and the Flour Shoppe (617 Bank Street). Coffee was graciously donated by Ten Thousand Villages.

It is already shaping up to be a great event. Hope to see you at Capital CupcakeCamp!


  • To register as a baker or a taster, click here for the eventbrite site.
  • For the media release, click here.
  • To get the latest on Capital CupcakeCamp follow @capitalcupcake on Twitter or join the Capital CupcakeCamp Facebook Group.

Gluten Free! That’s not me!

Most recently I have entered into the gluten free (GF) baking arena.  My fil has been gf for well over a year and he misses sandwiches and pecan tarts.  My nephew, has been gf off and on…now permanently on for a few years…he too misses sandwiches.  I am saddened by this.

I have to admit , I bought a cookbook (NOTE: admitting I bought a cookbook is likened to me admitting I breathe…it’s inevitable).  It’s a good cookbook (Easy Gluten Free Baking by Elizabeth Barbone)for gf simply for the fact that the food in it is real food.  Recipes for breads, cookies, cakes, pies are in this book….usually the foods gfers probably miss the most.  Personally, I pick up most of these gf  cookbooks and there are recipes for…are you ready…greek salad.

I mean come on.

Again, I will state I am not gf and can not comment on what gfers miss the most…but in my mind, they miss the simple foods.  They don’t miss fancy 10 ingredient meals they never heard of.  Don’t get me wrong, options are good having restrictive meal options…I can only imagine.  But when all you want is a peanut butter (thankfully no nut issues in the fam!) you don’t want a recipe for an artisinal bread you have never heard of.

I digress….I bought a good, in my mind, gf cookbook.  The author is not gf, but has food allergies.  She tested each recipe side by side with its gluten counterpart, until she was satisfied.  She also trained at The Culinary Institute of America…I bought her gf book and not theirs.

I have baked three things from the book…easy sandwich bread, banana bread and…are you ready for this…a gf equivalent to Premium Plus Saltine crackers! I am going to talk about the sandwich bread tonight.

First off, I don’t bake bread.  It’s not that I can’t…I’m not a bad baker, and I will try recipes (have not mastered puff pastry, but will triumph one day). I don’t have a bread machine…in short we don’t have alot of bread in the house.  It lived up to it’s name “easy”.  Five minutes gathering measuring ingredients, five minutes in the mixer, proof for an hour (this is where I made a mistake), and an hour in the oven.  My mistake?  I should not have covered the bread with a towel, otherwise it would have risen more during baking.

Here is a picture (stolen from my sil blog http://familyjourneytorealfood.blogspot.com/)

The test was when I ate it…I ate another piece after.  It was good, for homemade bread.  I was disappointed at first expecting bread like store bought bread, before I remembered that wasn’t what I making.  I brought it to my sil and everyone liked it.  Success…unless they really were just being polite.  I hope not.

Next up…crackers and banana bread!

More info on Capital Cupcake Camp

Hello world!

I decided that this will be the forum to stretch my creative writing side…not that I will be making stuff up….but to see where the writing process leads me.

So, to jump right in…Capital Cupcake Camp is coming up on Sept 26…looking for sponsors, tasters and bakers.

It will be lots of FUN…no, I didn’t attend last year…so how can I say it will be lots of fun…easy…CUPCAKES!